The general rule for international travel is that you must ensure your passport is still valid for at least another six (6) months at the end of your travel date, the applicable visa(s), and a return or an onward journey ticket. Each country will have different requirement and fees for visa.

Maximum stay of 90/180/365 Days
Argentina 90 Days
Brazil 90 Days
Chile 90 Days
Ecuador 90 Days
South-Korea 90 Days
Peru 90 Days
Vanuatu 90 Days
Panama 180 Days
Georgia 365 Days
Maximum stay of 30 Days
Hong-Kong 30 Days
Indonesia 30 Days
Laos 30 Days
Macau 30 Days
Mongolia 30 Days
Malaysia 30 Days
Maldives 30 Days
Russia 30 Days
Seychelles 30 Days
Singapore 30 Days
South-Africa 30 Days
Turkey 30 Days
Philippines 30 Days
Vietnam 30 Days
Taiwan 30 Days
Maximum stay of 15 Days
Myanmar 14 Days
Japan 15 Days
Bahrain 14 Days
Brunei 14 Days
Cambodia 14 Days

Schengen Visa

Europeans’ country inquire a visa call “Schengen Visa”

Schengen Visa will apply in total 26 country which included ; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lietuva, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. Other country outside Europeans: Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


1.Visa Exemption for Ecuador on tourism basis is applied for all type of passport of any nationality.Thai Nationals obtaining a permanent residence of / or a multiple entry visa for USA, Canada, United Kingdom ,EU, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are visa exempted for Taiwan. Prove of which may be requested upon boarding and /or arrival at the immigration checkpoints. More information can be searched from the following website ;

2. Visa Exemption of Russia is for tourism purpose only. Thai Nationals visiting Russia with other purposes are required to apply for an appropriate visa in order to avoid refusal of entry into Russia.

3. Thai Nationals obtaining tourist, crew member, or business visa to the USA, Canada, Schengen Area, Japan, or South Korea valid for at least three months or a permanent residence in the USA, Canada, or EU valid at least for six months are visa exempted for Costa Rica.For moreenquiries, please contact Embassy of Costa Rica in Singapore, tel:. +65 6738 0566 e-mail:

4. All types of Thai passports shall be exempted from visa to Panama for a visit of not exceeding six months, effective from December 1st 2012.

5. Thai nationals obtaining a current USA visa (not type Transit C1) or Schengen visa (only types C and D) with validity of no less than 180 days from the date of arrival in Colombia, including those with permanent residence in the USA and Schengen area, are visa exempted. The duration of the visa exemption depends on the decision of the Colombian Immigration.

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